New Year’s resolutions

2017 is finally here, allowing us to put behind a year that seems to have taken from us more than it brought. In that moment the year changed, I think we were all a little relieved and hopeful as to what the new year will bring.

Regardless of how difficult 2016 specifically was, we always need a new beginning, a rebirth, a chance to dream again that everything is possible, a promise and permission to let go of our disappointment for a while. This new chance that the new year brings, is wonderful as much as it’s necessary.

So we take this euphoria, sleep over it and when we wake up, on the first day of the year we start asking for things either from ourselves or from the universe, in the form of resolutions.  You don’t have any new year’s resolutions yet? I sure do. By 12:00 today already, I’d decided that this year I’ll eat more healthy, exercise regularly, expand my knowledge by maybe taking a course and write more often. These are all great things right?

Yes, yes they are, but just how realistic am I when I’m making these resolutions? Eat more healthy? Ok this is not very far-fetched, but as far as the rest goes, in order to achieve all of my new goals, without me giving up my job, my friends and my on-going activities, my days would have to magically consist of 30 hours rather than 24 from now on.

Change, is intertwined with our nature. We all want to change some things about ourselves, make improvements or even change the direction of our lives, but just because the year has changed, miracles will not suddenly happen. I fear, that some of the resolutions we so happily make are recipes for disaster rather than sucess. That they are high expectations in disguise, which will put us up for failure and disappointment and will leave us feeling frustrated at the end of this year as well.

Is your new year’s resolution getting a new job? Great, but please remember that the job market is quite bad right now before you get disappointed after a two-month search. Do you maybe want to find true love this year? Yes, love is beautiful but hard to find and you might have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince, without that meaning you are unlovable. You want to learn how to play your favourite song in violin by the end of January? Cool, how long have you been playing the violin? You’ve never played? Well, you might need a little longer than a month then.

We can’t unfortunately control everything in this life and we can’t become superheroes overnight either. If we could, we would have probably gotten everything we want in 2016, why wait for the next year? What we have control over, is ourselves, our thoughts, our actions and our attitude towards life. These are the only things we can change, this and every year. What we can do, is decide to try hard for what we want, keeping in mind that it will not be easy and remembering that life is unpredictable.

A resolution worth making is a commitment to ourselves, to always make an effort, without giving up. The commitment to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that we’re trying without exhausting ourselves or forgetting our shortcomings. This year, don’t make it easy to lose faith, or lose your will power, because these are the things that matter the most.

2016 might have not been a perfect year, but try to acknowledge what it did bring you and what you achieved. Step into the new year, with a lot of hope and realistic goals and expectations. Happy New Year everyone!


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