Inspired by and for Teater Exit’s production 2016-2018.

Some, move to seek new experiences. It’s mostly their curiosity that dictates them to do so and their thirst to explore.

Some, move to escape something. Painful memories that echo everywhere around them, abuse or stagnation.

Others, never got to choose differently. Never given a choice as to whether they would move or not, because maybe like me, they simply didn’t have another option.

You know how they say time heals everything?  I don’t think that’s quite true. You stay too long among ruins, I say you’ll soon be ruins yourself…

No Dear…

Time is the river and we are the fish. And like them we have to swim, move, otherwise we’ll get swept away by the current and its will… helpless…

In a way dear, moving was having a choice. The only choice, the difficult one… And I’m not even sure that all the different reasons to move are so different between them at all.

To move

To move on

To move forward

Move away

Move forth



Not that I would expect you to understand. Don’t get me wrong dear, I know you’re not stupid. I just mean that today you are so full of choice, that sometimes I think you’re suffering from constant motion sickness and you might benefit by settling down a bit.

Now, why don’t you settle here by me for a while and let me tell you a story?



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