Winter is coming

4 degrees Celsius in Oslo this morning and it’s easy to see that winter is coming. The weather’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter and there isn’t much more to do than to accept the inevitability of the seasons changing. Winter is not our favorite season, yet knowing it’s coming we prepare ourselves, dress warmer, get more comfortable at home, lay out carpets, stock up on burning wood and tea.

And though that mindset shift is so easy to make, as unwelcome as it is, with seasons, it looks like it’s a much greater of a challenge with the darker periods in our lives. We accept the existence of different seasons, we pull through the cold days in patience, but we can’t seem to do the same thing with the more demanding times in our lives.

We don’t resist winter because we know it’s futile, we try to make the best out of it instead. We try to find the beauty in what it has to offer and we definitely don’t deem our lives as bad because it’s not summer. Why don’t we do the same with the more difficult days in life?

When misfortune or bad luck come our way, we react strongly to it, try to find the person to blame and we are very eager to deem our lives as unworthy, or even worse, our-selves as useless. We lose our patience and we want out of this situation right here and right now as if being blissfully happy is the only acceptable state of being.

Despite our previous life experience, which has shown us that life has its ups and downs, we never expect the difficult times. We are surprised every time and we don’t even consider that this too shall pass.

We are so willing to make it through winter knowing for sure that the sunny days will come again, but we somehow refuse to see misfortune as a passing thing, see it as a challenge, remember all the times that we’ve managed and make the best out of it until our luck smiles at us again.

We go into denial mode, we get angry and upset, forget to take care of ourselves, act out and look for culprits, depriving ourselves from the opportunity to develop coping mechanisms and become stronger. What would you tell a friend who got so hopeless over autumn or winter coming?

Imagine if we truly accepted that during our lives, unfortunate events will take place and we might not have good things going for us at all times. Imagine if amidst it all, we had the certainty that things will eventually and inevitably get better and we don’t have to be so angry.

Imagine if during our dark days, we could find it in us to celebrate Christmas, decorate a tree and find the gifts that await us under it on the darkest day of them all.  Imagine if we accepted that there’s gifts that await us in the heart of every kind of winter.


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