Things I learned after I had my daughter

  1. That she is wonderful beyond any expectation and anything I had imagined before I had her.
  2. That physical pain doesn’t end with child birth. I was completely unprepared for the amount of pain nursing entails. I would have gladly given birth once more, in exchange for the discomfort of breast feeding!
  3. That bragging about how peaceful your baby is and how well she sleeps, is actually jinxing it.
  4. That the change in my body didn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. In fact, seeing my stomach in the mirror right after birth made me feel good, thinking that this was the place where her life began.
  5. I also hadn’t expected I would miss being pregnant. Especially during the first days, I missed feeling her move in my tummy, missed her kicks, which reassured me on a daily basis that she was doing well. Good thing I could just cuddle with her instead.
  6. That babies poop a lot… I mean “did you really have all that inside you?” a lot…
  7. That what seemed to be surreal did become real and that despite what I was screaming at the hospital, I was actually capable of bringing another human being into this world..
  8. That it takes a village… I thought I would easily manage everything on my own in the post-partum period, yet I found myself missing my family and the help they had previously offered me. Because taking care of her takes a lot of energy and it would be nice to have someone around to help with the increased volume of chores every once in a while.
  9. I did however learn that in lack of a village, my husband transformed into a super dad, who steps up to the challenge every day and for that I am endlessly grateful.
  10. That there was a lot more love inside me than I thought there was. I now see that there’s endless love in all of us and it’s to be generously given to the people we love and our lives’ work, not wasted.
  11. That the small things I worried about before, are not so important after all. If it doesn’t concern the health of those I love, then it’s not worth too much of my energy.
  12. I learned to appreciate again the small things in life like a good night’s sleep, a shower and having 10 consecutive minutes to drink some coffee.
  13. That bright colors, including shades of pink, aren’t really all that bad. Though striking pink isn’t and is probably never going to be my thing, I somehow can’t bring myself to put very dark colored clothes on my daughter. Except for when I know she hasn’t pooped for a while and then I chose being safe over being sorry.
  14. That’s because trying to wash baby poop off wool, is next to impossible. Boiling your fingers in the process however, is quite possible.
  15. As you have probably understood, I also learned that having a baby means being very preoccupied with poop…
  16. That talking with a human being, who replies with cat sounds, can bring so much joy and can be a lot more meaningful than a conversation with certain well educated, eloquent adults.
  17. That I don’t know her. Judging from the smiles I get when I talk to her, I think she likes me, but I don’t know what goes through her mind, who she will become or what she will think of this world. Needless to say, I look forward to finding out.

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  1. Very cute!! Especially the ten minutes

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