While you were sleeping

Baby is asleep… Finally!!!  Quickly, do something! This is the time you have to yourself! Make it count! Do something for you! A mom is to rest when the baby is taking a nap they say!

I slowly remove my finger away from her palm and replace it with the leg of her teddy bear… I get up as slowly as I can…

Maybe I could write a little, or maybe just browse the long forgotten internet… Oh! Maybe I should do some stretching, my back hurts like hell!

I go to the toilet. Can an adult forget to pee? The answer is no, unless they have a baby!

I walk past the kitchen and remember that I have to make her puree for the next days. Yes, I should just do that first, it’s next to impossible when she’s awake.

I quickly peel and chop in very small pieces potatoes and brokkoli (mmmm she’s gonna love that-not!) and let them cook. Ok, I think, this will go fast! Maybe I can fold and put away the laundry in the mean time.

I run to the bathroom. I open the door of the washing machine and take out the clothes. Oh how happy I am to have a washing machine/dryer!!! It’s made my life so much easier! I think I cried a little the first time I saw our clothes washed and dried in only 3 hours!

I throw the clothes on the bed and fold them. Hmm wait… I should probably run the washing machine again, there’s a mountain of towels and sheets in the laundry beans.

I quickly check on her. She’s now laying sideways hugging her teddy bear. Yes! Still asleep!

I take the dirty laundry and set on the washing machine/technological miracle again…

I run to the kitchen, again… I drain the brokkoli and potatoes and put them in the mixer. No, wait, there’s no space for everything here, I’ll have to do this in two rounds. I pour some water and margarin in the mix, take the mixer and run to another room because I know the sound will wake her up. I think that I don’t need to go to the gym, I have a baby!!

Damn! This is too watery, hmmm, ok I’ll make the next batch firmer and mix them together before splitting in portions.

I feel like I’m running out of time! I run to the kitchen, yet again… I repeat the process, only with less water in the mixture this time. I split into portions and do the dishes.

Now I can chill. Yes, now I can chill! Maybe some internet browsing, I don’t think there’s time for much more. I sit on the couch put my feet up and get a sip of my coffee. I breathe deeply and exhale…

I take my laptop, lift the lid and type my password. I hear something. I get up and see that she’s wide awake and on her tummy. She’s reaching for her book. She sees me, waits a second and then smilles at me as widely as it’s humanly possible. I melt… I lift her up and kiss her, she curls up inside my arms.

«Well, I think we should change your diaper and feed you» I say, «ta ta» she replies. I give her another kiss and we go to her bedroom…


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  1. Well, I can totally relate to that.. especially the melting!!


    1. I see it, I’m reading your posts! Something so ordinary that is at the same time so magical!!! You write beautifully Sajitha!


      1. True…Love your writing as well Eleni. Nice meeting you…I think there is something about the common baby diaper changes, that connects deeply ☺️☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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